LCROSS Mission Case Study
Space Mission Analysis and Design

Edited By:

Jeff Ward

Date: 2015

This Case Study applies the approach provided in the book, Space Mission Analysis and Design (3rd ED), and compares actual LCROSS numbers with the SMAD estimates for a Lunar mission.  The author of this case study, persistently plowed through NGC's engineering data to find the precise information necessary and integrated it with the SMAD information to make this case study one of the most thorough and complete SMAD Case Studies available. This case study provides the space systems engineering information that ties very nicely with the companion book on LCROSS project management, Shooting the Moon, authored by Dan Andrews. These two books provide a very complete story of what it takes to design and implement a successful space project!

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Experienced systems engineers

Graduate-level systems engineering students

Companion text

Space Mission Analysis and Design, Third Edition

Shooting the Moon

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