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Space Domain Awareness, 1st edition

Edited By:

Magee, Jah, Larson

Date: 2022 / CEI

The Space Domain Awareness (SDA) book provides a complete overview of the space domain awareness challenge and establishes basic principles, philosophies, and approaches that are useful to conduct SDA operations. These operations include, but are not limited to, detecting, identifying, tracking, and characterizing objects and their behaviors, detecting changes associated with selected RSOs, and potentially mitigating threats.

This book is ideal for Government, industry and academic professionals that must deal with technical, regulatory and political challenges associated with the proliferation of objects in orbit and the myriad of issues that arise. Space Domain Awareness is a global concern.

Inkling ebook/ Available on your Mac or PC; Downloadable on iPad, iPhone or Android.

Print book: 400 pages / 1st edition.


Space mission developers

Space system operators

Government and industry leaders within the space community

Academic professors and graduate students

Advanced high school students

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